12 Best LGBTQ+ Dating Apps No Matter What You’re Looking for 2023 November 11, 2022 | Blog

Online gay hookup sites are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. People can find love through them without having to leave their homes. A gay hookup app is one site where users can meet new people with similar interests and hobbies. LGBTQ+ dating apps are very easy to navigate and user-friendly. You have to fill out your details and then wait for matches. Once you receive a match request, you can chat with the person and decide if you want to go out with them.


While LGBTQ+ dating apps aren’t always easy and confusing, they’re among the most well-known methods out on the market because we’re everywhere now. Suppose you’re seeking to make the most of your time on the internet. In that case, it may be beneficial to approach applications with intention, which means enrolling in the ones that give you the greatest chances for meeting people who are your kind number of friends. In the end, you’re not looking to meet everyone. You need to connect with the right people.


Online daters are making millions, so there are many opportunities for start-ups. Suppose you’re thinking of developing dating apps like Tinder, Bumble or Happn. In that case, it might be worth considering creating one for the LGBT population. A few years ago, Tinder broke down traditional ideas about who could date whom. Now, they’ve created a new social network for people who want to meet someone special.


There aren’t any shortages of online gay hookup sites. However, the ones geared toward the LGBTQ community are in short supply, so they’re able to offer something better and more valuable.


According to a recent study conducted by Match.com, 56% of LGBTQ singles have dated somebody they met online, with transgender being 65% logging in the most. This article discusses the best LGBTQ+ dating apps available in the market in 2023.


Best LQBTQ+ Dating Apps


Is Grinder Only Alternative for LGBTQ+ Dating Apps?


Though Grindr and Her are big players, they aren’t alone in the queer dating market. LGBTQ+ dating Apps like Zoe and Taimi exist. But their plateaued growth can be credited to similar complaints: too much spam and too few quality users (ones who live close enough to meet up). Chappy was a good idea for guys that closed down just as it was getting popular.


. The decision to keep Tinder in the background isn’t just for straight people. The issue, especially for those who reside in areas with fewer people, is that Grindr and HER provide a limited number of options. Additionally, some of the more popular applications are laudable for their efforts to build a more welcoming setting.


Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge now have various gender and sexual orientation choices for identity. OkCupid is praised for introducing this feature some time ago and making social justice an integral element of compatibility scoring that auto-categorizes the app’s users.


12 Best LGBQT Dating Apps for 2023


With our changing social norms, companies have partnered with IT experts for dating app development that isn’t just about hookups but serves as safe havens for the queer community. These LGBTQ+ dating apps allow them to be vulnerable and open while searching for the partner they want to chase down at an airport, evade security guards, and dance to cringy, corny music.




HER is an online social network designed specifically for LGBTQ+ users. You can create an account through Facebook or Twitter and browse profiles based on location and interests. Once you find someone you’d like to meet, you can send them messages through the app. The service is currently only available in the US, but they plan to launch internationally later this year.


HER offers advanced privacy settings for their free service. You can pay $15 monthly for a premium version with additional privacy settings, such as enabling incognito mode so that no one can see you unless allowed.




Among the most popular LGBT+ dating apps, Growlr has more than 10 million members worldwide who are older, hairier gay males and bears. It was considered one of the best gay dating apps, allowing them to create profiles, upload photos, share images, video, and audio files, and conduct video chats. This LGBTQ+ dating app only allowed male users above 18 years old to display nude photographs and banned those who didn’t match the required age requirements.


Growlr LGBTQ+ dating app lets its users add photos and videos to their profiles, and they can use the app’s filters to sort through their friends’ profiles by interest and location. They can send messages directly to people who are interested in them using the app’s note feature.




Grindr is one of the best LGBTQ+ dating apps for meeting people online. Users can find new friends or hookups within seconds. It’s easy to download the application and start chatting right away. You can choose your gender, age range, location and sexual orientation. Once you’ve found someone who catches your eye, you can send them a wink or ask if they’re interested in getting together. You can also add photos and videos to make the conversation more personal.


If you’re here reading this article, chances are you’ve heard of Grindr. It’s an online LGBTQ+ dating app for guys who love and are not afraid to say so. Like Tinder (the popular dating app for straight people), Grindr lets users find nearby friends based on mutual interests. But unlike Tinder, Grindr is designed around “hooking up,” meaning finding someone to get busy with right then and there.


In addition to finding users nearby, Grindr allows users to create profiles where they can upload photos, list interests, and describe themselves. Once you’ve found someone who catches your eye, you can send them a message and arrange a date. You’ll get an instant notification if he accepts your request.




Like her, Hornet isn’t just a LGBTQ+ dating app. Rather, it takes the edge away from experience by helping people build their communities and social connections. It first came out in 2011 and had been making headlines ever since.


It’s one of the largest gay apps, with a user base spanning the globe and 30 million members. Unlike Grindr, however, Hornet doesn’t just target gay men; it targets everyone from bi, trans-folks, and queers in general. And that’s not even everything!


It also serves as a platform for social connections and a dating application. Hornet’s website is filled with blogs and stories centered on the queer lifestyle’s general rules and dos and to-do lists. It’s an important resource for people who are gay, apart from being a dating website.




SCRUFF is one of the best LGBT social networks out there. With 15 million members, it’s the largest gay network on mobile devices. And if you’re not into chatting, they offer a comprehensive calendar of local events and parties. You can also browse through thousands of user photos and videos and read about what people are doing in their communities.


You can get the basic version of Scruff for free, but if you want access to extra features, you’ll need to pay $19.99 annually.




As one of China’s most respected online book and film review sites, many don’t consider Douban a dating site but a place where queer women can meet friends. However, the site has quietly become a go-to place among lesbian members, especially those living in mainland China, thanks to its open attitude towards the LGBT+ communities.


This LGBTQ+ dating app combines books, films, and song reviews with a Reddit-style community, offering group functions and social activities for all interests and hobbies. Users often share their profiles and look for dates and friends in LGBTQ communities.


For instance, the largest gay group on Douban has 691,927 members. Douban also hosts a wide variety of gay groups, including ones that focus on different topics. It doesn’t have an English version, but its content mainly targets Chinese speakers.




Young people seeking a relationship rather than hooking up with someone new were left out of the loop until Hinge exploded onto the scene. The premise and users were similar to Tinder and Bumble, but these three dating platforms weren’t interchangeable. Hinge had a unique approach to matching users together based on their preferences and what they liked about each other. More than 80% said they would recommend the service to others.


Instead of cheesy questionnaires and spam emails about the fifty winces you’ve received, Hinges utilizes an online questionnaire and lets you choose up to eight people per 24 hours. Instead of swipes, relationships are formed by likes or comments on another person’s responses or pictures. Prompts vary from “Two truths and one lie” to “Does walking on a Sunday morning seem feasible to you too?” Conversational topics include politics, religion, and recreational drugs. Paid membership allows filtering by political views and recreational drug habits.




It doesn’t ask the dreaded “What gender are you?” question, nor does it require queers to interact with straight folks.


Remember when Bumble launched an LGBTQ+ dating app called Zodiac? NUiT is the better version of what that was. The team behind NUiT knows that, for many, horoscopes can be a wildly helpful resource in navigating the dating world by understanding how well you’d mesh together in areas like argument style.


NUiT also accounts for the nuances within different configurations outside of sun signs. NUiT pushes people to utilize astrological compatibility to understand why a match may behave the way they do but avoids oversimplifying “what type of fried foods you are determined by your zodiac” energy. People who research astrology will agree that astrology is a cosmic guide to behaviors. Still, it isn’t a tell-all about how great of a companion or friend someone will be for you.


Queer users recognize another problem with heterosexual online daters: they don’t want to see them or be seen by straight folks. Sure, both Tinder and OK Cupid have some well-intentioned allies — but the lack of shared experience as a queer user can make or break a couple’s dynamic.



Suppose you’ve wondered if there was an LGBTQ+ dating app like Grindr, but specifically for women, then Scissr might be the answer. Although it is sometimes called “Grindr for Lesbians,” the app is not exclusively for hooking up.


Scissr is a lesbian dating app that was created for women who identify as lesbian. It has been used to help people find partners for life.


Creator Allison Ullrich developed it to fill the void in the online LGBTQ community for non-LGBTQ-friendly gay hookup sites.


Unabashedly offering lesbians an alternative to the bar scene and café culture, Scissr provides lesbians with exactly what they need — whether it’s a bit of fun or something more serious.




Surge, like Grind, is a place for straight, bisexual, transgender, and queer women to meet guys. You’ll find them through swipes, and only those you’re matched with will be able to chat back. You can also send an instant photo and edit past decisions if you want to. However, a limited amount of swipes per hour can be annoying.


You can unlock the premium version of Surge at $7 per month. This will give you many useful tools, including the ability to upload images only your matches can see, unlimited swipes, advanced filters, etc.




OkCupid is well-known as the most popular “relationship” app for those seeking something more than a few flirty bedroom fantasies. However, while it caters to users just looking to dance the night with a new acquaintance, one or two people, OkCupid is known for its distinctness from Tinder which is regarded exclusively as a hookup application.


In addition to offering an array of dating choices, OkCupid is well recognized for its inclusiveness of all sexualities and genders. You cannot only show your gender and sexuality (or opt not to) in your bio; however, you are also able to select to only connect with people who fit your needs both sexually and otherwise.


The most appealing feature of OkCupid is its compatibility percentages. Hundreds of questions range from general to super-specific regarding your personal preferences, which you can choose to answer. The algorithm calculates your percentage of matches with other users on the app based on your answers.


It’s not a bad thing, however. The algorithm isn’t always getting it exactly. However, it makes it easier to discern the many applicants since those with less than 70% compatibility rates are nearly not a good match.


Sniffies App


Sniffies is a location-based network that caters to bi, gay and curious men who want to meet other like-minded individuals to discover their sexuality. The modern-day cruise platform allows users to freely express themselves through an interactive map that provides nearby users with the most popular meetup spots in the local area.


It is accessible on any device with an internet-connected web browser. Sniffies gay app offers an original web-based application designed to provide complete functionality without downloading via the App Store. Its robust messaging and posting features and real-time videos with Sniffies LivePlay offer multiple ways for users to connect seamlessly. Advanced filters and extensive personalization of profiles allow for customized experiences.


User-generated information on location-based cruising makes meetings are now easier than ever. Sniffies has a mission to provide a safe and welcoming environment that allows everyone, regardless of the spectrum of sexuality, to discover safely and responsibly their sexual fantasies, desires and fantasies, both in online and real-world settings, free of guilt or judgment. Sniffies is a collaborative business where a small, agile team collaborates to create amazing things.


The Key Takeaway


The times are changing. There is no longer a time when we were restricted to gay bars and looking for real love to be restricted to our locality. Nowadays, LGBTQ+ dating apps are rising and trying to fill in the gaps between supply and demand.


If you’re looking for someone to cozy up to in your bed for a night or to say “I will” and make up funny jokes with for the time, these LGBTQ+ dating apps listed here may be the perfect fit.


Before downloading any LGBTQ+ dating apps , take the time to study the various LGBTQ+ dating apps available. Each one offers unique features that are relevant to diverse communities. After you’ve had several dates, why don’t you spend an evening in and enjoy some of the top films produced by LGBTQ filmmakers?


Online dating may be an easy way to get started meeting people. It depends on you which site or LGBTQ+ dating app you decide to use.


For instance, if you know that there is some filter in place to show you, people who are most likely to be compatible with you, that might be a priority. Or, if you’re looking for a dating site where you get to message the person first, that would be important. Make sure you do your homework before signing up for any new service.

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