10 Mistakes To Avoid While Making An E-commerce Website July 9, 2019 | Design and Ecommerce

The e-commerce business is gaining success at an accelerating pace. Most of the businesses whether small-scale or large-scale have an e-commerce website these days, however, not every e-commerce website is able to enhance the lead conversion rate and bring more traffic. There are a plethora of factors that contribute to a successful website that should be taken into consideration by an e-commerce business.

Hub Of E-commerce Businesses

The Internet is a huge platform for your e-commerce business which helps your business to reach out to potential customers around the whole world and give equal opportunities to all online businesses irrespective of their sizes. Thus, the internet helps you to reach people conveniently around the globe.

In this competitive world, to gain an edge over other online businesses, proper planning of the business is required followed by innumerable steps that can be taken before launching the site and the e-commerce store. Proper planning in advance can only help your business to gain profit in the future and increase the revenues of your online business. For every e-commerce business to become successful there are some basic risks and pitfalls along the way which must be avoided by the e-commerce business.

Therefore, to launch a profitable and successful e-commerce website, correct steps should be taken and your business should be well aware of the type of common mistakes to avoid.

Non-Informative About Us Page

Most of the potential customers check the About Us page before start doing business with you. So, it is mandatory for the About Us pages to be informative and descriptive which gives the customers a lot of information about your business. However, the absence of non-informative About Us page can increase the bounce rate and may decrease your sales.

Least Priority To The SEO Strategies

Having a solid SEO strategy is the base for a good and attractive e-commerce website, Therefore, effective SEO strategies play a vital role and are the foundation of a successful and profit-earning business. Moreover, in today’s competitive world. SEO is vital which ensures that the website of your e-commerce business ranks top of the priority list and a high-ranking sit will enhance the sales of your business and will get you more traffic.

Non-Implementation Of The Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing has become an indispensable part of every online business. A well- written content is the reason due to which visitors want to visit your site again and again. Thus, relevant, engaging and updated content is essential for an e-commerce website which keeps the customer interested. We can say that good content provides real value to the targeted audience.

Non- Responsive Website Design

We are very well aware of the fact that technology is advancing by manifolds due to which the world has become digital and the number of mobile users is growing at an alarming pace. Also,  now most of the traffic for the eCommerce website comes from smartphones. Therefore, it is mandatory to make the web design mobile-friendly as a responsive web design offers a great user- experience to the person when they are browsing your site on the cellphones.

Slow Loading Speed

The slow loading speed of the site is merely a turn- off for the customers which increases the bounce rate and makes you lose the customers who tend to never come back again. On the other hand hand, the fast loading speed of the website can significantly improve the user experience and boost the traffic on your site which directly increases the number of sales of your business.

Sometimes e-commerce sites become quite heavy for the files to load up as the site may contain a lot of heavy files. Modules and features. Therefore, it is better to ensure that your website is able to load at the good speed by the optimization of the website code along with the investment into a good hosting server.

Complicated Checkout

 Always try to keep the checkout process as simple as possible as a complicated checkout process may make the customer frustrated. So, don’t make the checkout process over complicated and, keep it simple as possible and just take the details of the necessary information from the customer to carry out the transaction that is sufficient enough to carry out the checkout.

Bad Payment Gateway

Every e-commerce site should ensure that a payment gateway that is convenient and easy to be used by the customers. Further, the payment gateway should be secure and verified which offers safe transactions.

Inappropriate Return Policy And Terms

The customers are attracted more towards your site if it offers a good return policy and has simple terms and conditions. The right type of return policy matters as customers are not able to visualize or feel the product so a good return policy gives them the assurance that if they don’t like the product on receiving than they can return it easily without any hassle.

 Improper Security Of Your Website

Providing customers a peace of mind that the data is secure and encrypted is very essential as it makes them have trust in your website. Buying an SSL certificate for your website gives your customer an assurance about your website and this builds their confidence to buy products from your online store.

An Attractive Homepage

The homepage of your website is the true reflection of the products you are selling and most of the visitors will first go through the homepage if they find homepage appealing and have a lot of products then it will directly influence the number of visitors and will boost the traffic. So, try to make most of the use of a homepage by promoting top-selling products, sales offers, and other products on your website.

Remain Authentic And Consistent

It is important to know that the audience is looking for a genuine and trustworthy online store. If your brand represents high-quality, affordability, etc.then all these traits contribute to your content, branding, and marketing which also enhances customer loyalty and increase your brand awareness.

The Bottom Line

I am sure you want to climb the ladder of success and want to stand out in the competitive world, it is mandatory to avoid all the common mistakes while designing the website of your e-commerce store. Always remain aware of the common pitfalls that may be dangerous for your online business. if you are thinking of establishing an e-commerce website that Magento e-commerce development company should make sure that your website is highly optimized for ultimate success and is able to attract more number of visitors to the site. All The Best!

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