10 Interesting Mobile App Ideas for Start-ups

November 23, 2021 | Blog
Gone are the days when people had to step out from their homes for even petty jobs that can now be managed easily from wherever you are. All thanks to the internet and the mobile apps that are supporting businesses. Be it any task from shopping to food ordering, paying bills, or banking work everything is now a matter of seconds. The advent of smartphones with smart applications has revamped the face of the world. We have experienced the sudden drift in our way of handling the hassles of everyday life. Who knew, the mobile world has so much to give. What mobile applications are offering today is not it, this sector is like Pandora's box, there are still many things that are in the development phase and the coming years will open the strings gradually. Increase in Mobile Traffic over the years The use of smartphones and advanced apps has gradually increased over the years. You can see the difference in the mobile usage pattern between 2015 and today. The report by Statista shows how mobile traffic has increased rapidly from Q1 2015 to Q1 2021. Mobile Traffic   Source: statista The year 2021 is special for the mobile app development market because of the Pandemic. The situation due to the Pandemic has worsened for many business owners, big or small. The mobile apps have saved many businesses and revived them to start their business online. Most of the businesses are surviving because they have mobile applications that their end customers can use for the services. This has helped them not only in making their ends meet but also earn profits. Many new startups have also popped up that are completely dependent on their mobile apps. Are you also trying to set up your business? Begin with these useful mobile app ideas:

Top ideas for interesting mobile apps

1. Stock/Trading and Investment apps These are tough times and every individual is worried about savings and investments. People are heavily investing in stocks these days, through mobile applications. Although there are many stocks trading and investments apps already available on the app store and Google play store but offering some unique features can make your app stand out. The developers must remember to use efficient mobile development platforms such as React Native to create an authentic, user-friendly platform for easy investments. You can enrich your app by adding a real-time game while the user is using the app. This can attract the users to spend more time on the app as they can invest without getting bored. 2. Food ordering apps The working from home trend has sparked the urge of getting pre-cooked meals delivered to the doorstep. Many food delivery apps have gained sudden acknowledgment as they have realized the demand and are ready to supply. If you are looking for a startup idea, nothing can be better than creating an interactive platform for various restaurants and eateries to deliver food. The first and foremost thing to consider in these apps is an interactive UI. The user must not get confused while using the app. The restaurants can be divided into various categories to avoid cluttering on the app and the feature for live chat must be made available to help the users with real-time issue management. 3. Grocery delivery apps The year 2021 has made even the brick-and-mortar stores go online and deliver through mobile applications. This may sound common but your market research team can help you in increasing the demand for your grocery delivery app. There are areas where grocery delivery through apps is yet an untapped market. Developing such an app can be interesting and profitable at the same time. 4. E-Learning app E-Learning is the new trend. You may not have a professional degree for any course but a certificate obtained from various e-Learning platforms after course completion can also take you places Today e-learning apps provide the best way to access various courses in a short span of time sitting anywhere. The advent of these E-Learning apps has helped people to pursue their favorite hobby and make it a profession and this is all possible through e-learning apps.  5. AR apps Most of the users today want to avoid visiting the physical stores not only for bill payments or grocery shopping but even for interior décor shopping too. Technology has changed customer experiences; Augmented Reality is one such thing that can be integrated with apps to help the customers have a 3D view of their interior with their selected items sitting at home. Using it the user can easily design and place items in his/her house to preview how it will look. This eases their shopping experience. 6. Online streaming/OTT platforms OTT or Over the Top platforms such as Netflix have gained a recent boom in their use. The more the consumers/users are getting the opportunity to stay at home, the more is a rise in the use of tele stream apps. As you know many countries have yet not opened their theatres/cinemas and people are accessing fresh content in the form of movies/series on these OTT platforms without going anywhere. Our startup idea can also be a success if you create a user-friendly OTT platform but with some more features that the already existing ones do not have. 7. Healthcare apps A single platform that offers doctor’s appointments on call and even delivers the prescribed medicines to your doorstep is something to be interested in. Many healthcare apps are being designed around this idea and offering great help to the users. Especially, in these times when it’s better to get a quick health checkup on a video call with the doctor of your choice, these healthcare apps are a huge success. 8. Pre-nursery apps for kids Apps specially curated to the needs of toddlers/kids are one more interesting idea to shape your startup. As most of the kids begin learning through poems and rhymes on TV sets it's better to offer them a platform to enhance that learning under special guidance. As online learning is a trend today and most the schools are shut down during the Pandemic concerns, offering parents an all-in-one Pre-nursery apps for their kids can be a great idea. 9. Video/image editing apps The idea is common but it can never be outdated. Although there are many such video and image editing apps already available on the app store, the search for a better video editor or image editor will never be over. Video editors and graphic designers are always on the hunt for good apps that can add more to their creations. Developing an easy-to-use video/image editor is a good option.   10. Video player apps Good video player options are limited on the internet. The online video streaming trend has been taken care of by many apps, but what about the video files saved on the system? They need good video players. Till now there are very selective options and users are still searching for a better one. You can create an app with advanced features to play videos offline. Conclusion A mobile application developer must be an expert in the technologies that are to be used this makes developing any app seamless and simple. The latest technologies that are being used for cinclude React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin, and many more. Mobile application development trends may differ across the globe, depending on the target audience, therefore, the developers must go through the market research, its impacts, and the effectiveness of the apps. The above app ideas are truly in demand and can help entrepreneurs to set up a new startup successfully.   Author’s bio: I'm Ramavtar Sharma, a Tech Blogger, and Digital Marketer at located in Dallas, Texas. If you are looking for a mobile app development company, hire mobile app developers to build your custom and, secure mobile applications.